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ASNAPED ASNAPED - Association de sauvegarde de la Nature et de protection de l'Environnement à Douiret:
An NGO aiming at improving the quality of life while protecting the environment and heritage of Douiret.
Thesis - Douiri language "An outline of the Shilha (Berber) vernacular of Douiret (Southern Tunisia)," 2003.
A PhD. thesis by Zouhir Gabsi - University of Western Sydney.
Australian Digital Theses Program.
Ecotourism - Douiret "The role of NGOs in promoting drylands ecotourism: An ongoing project in southern Tunisia." By Mohamed Ouessar and Habib Belhedi, AridLand Newsletter, No. 43, Spring/Summer 1998.
Tamezret Atmazret.info - website dedicated to the preservation of the native berber language of Tamezret, a small village in the mountains of Matmata, south-east of Tunisia.
Tunisia Ksour Wikimedia Commons - Category: Ksour of Tunisia
Includes images from Chenini, Douiret, Ksar Hadada, Ksar Halluf, Ksar Ouled Soltane, ...
Tunisia Tourism Tunisian National Tourism Office -
Travel and Tourism Guide to TUNISIA:
Places, Culture, Brochures, Hotels, Restaurants, Festivals, Shopping, and more ....
Factbook - 	Tunisie The CIA - World Fact Book -
TUNISIA - Country Information:
Including geography, people, economy, and more ....
Travel Guide - Tunisie World Travel Guide -
Information about Tunisia: key facts, images, climate, getting around, and more ....
Tunisia Online TUNISIA ONLINE -
General information about TUNISIA:
Including History, Government, Society, Tourism, Culture, Women, News, and more ....

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