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Douiret -- Tataouine -- Tunisia -- North Africa ... Located at the center of North Africa between Algeria to the west and Libya to the southeast, Tunisia (~164000 km2) is renowned for its beautiful beaches along the Mediterranean coast as well as its desert oases and splendid panorama at the edge of the great Sahara in the south ... where you also find historic towns and mountain dwellings along rugged cliff edges such as the Berber village of DOUIRET.


The village of Douiret is located 22 Km southwest of Tataouine in a rugged mountainous region. The old village transformed into ruins is surmounted by its citadel or ksar overlooking troglodyte houses dug in the mountain and aligned in a meandering fashion along its cliff. A path of about 3 Km is lined up with abandoned dwellings mostly in ruins with the exception of the eye-catching white mosque (known as 'the palm tree mosque' or Jamaa ennakhla) at midway and a couple of renovated dwellings serving as a showcase and/or an atypical motel to host visitors and tourists.

North Africa
North Africa - on the southern shore of the Mediterranean Basin

Map of Tunisia (a satellite image of the framed region is shown below)

Southern Tunisia
A NASA satellite image of the southern part of Tunisia

~ Douiret GPS Points: 32° 52' 00, North / 10° 17' 85, East ~

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Google Earth Images of Douiret Tataouine
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