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Douiret (also spelled as: Douirette, Douirat, Ad Duwayrat, ...) is a mountain perched village located in the southern part of Tunisia. The old village of Douiret is a site of a rich Berber culture with traditions deep-rooted in history. Its ancient ksours and troglodyte houses carved in the mountain along with a splendid rugged desert landscape offer an unparalleled panorama.

Douiret.. rich culture, enticing serenity, splendid panorama !

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If a picture is worth more than a thousand words, ... visiting Douiret and seeing it for yourself would truly be an experience of a lifetime.

Douiret berber rug
An image of Jamaa en-Nakhla, the prominent white mosque located at mid-village, artistically woven on a beautiful hand-made Berber rug.
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